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You look like you could use a beer.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered!

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Get beer or cider delivered cold to your desk every Friday afternoon. Suspend or cancel your account at any time.

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Want to try us out to see how good it is as a “once off”? Then this one is for you. Order by Thursday midday for delivery on Friday arvo.

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Send one 6 pack, or send many. To one location or all over the city! Your friends / clients / customers will LOVE you!

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Can’t wait for Friday? We’ve got you covered. If you need beers or cider RIGHT NOW, we’re going to make that happen.

Now In Cartons!

You know what’s better than a 6 pack of Friday Beers?

An entire carton!

We’ve heard the requests and we’re now providing Friday Beers cartons at reduced prices, so you can get 4 x 6 packs of the weekly mixed Friday Beers to really kick off your weekend and get the entire office onboard with Friday drinks.

Available every week, one-off or as a gift!

Advent Beers are here!

Get 25 ahh-mazing craft beers, delivered to your door and ready to enjoy for all of December. Who needs one of those chocolate Advent Calendars? That’s kids stuff. Instead, you’ve got brilliant beers to look forward to before Santa visits. Perfect!

With a perforated door for each day of the month (and a special “Christmas Beer” hidden inside the carton for Christmas Day), this is the best lead-up gift you can buy the beer or cider lover in your life.

Guaranteed to arrived before 1 December. Ships anywhere in Australia.

A Little Bit On The Side

You know what goes great with beers and cider? Snacks!

We’ve put together a range of add-on options for you to really improve your Friday afternoon

Charcuterie Board

Try some excellent cuts from the chefs at Malt Dining with a Charcuterie Board. With olives, cured meats and crackers. Serves 8 to 10.

Hoffa’s Nuts

There’s nothing better than fresh nuts with your Friday Beers. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hoffa’s Nuts to bring you something special.

McClure’s Chips

Tasty McClure’s Chips to much on while you’re downing your Friday Beers? Bring. It. On. It should almost be mandatory to eat chips while you’re drinking great beer!

Cheese Platter

The chefs at Malt Dining have put together an amazing selection of cheeses for you to enjoy with your beers and cider. Delivered exactly when you need it. Serves 8 – 10.

We'll look after your clients

Corporate Gifts

Get your clients and customers ready for the weekend with the perfect gift of amazing craft beers and ciders, delivered cold and ready to drink.

We can easily include your branded merch, such as stubbie holders, business cards and Gift Notes and you can spread deliveries out over a number of weeks or to a whole heap of people all at once. 

Excellent Boutique Brews

Each week we hand pick a range of incredible craft beer for you to try. It changes each and every week and includes Tasting Notes for the “Feature Beer”. You get 3 lots of 2 beers, so you can share a beer with a mate and both get the full Friday Beers experience.

Delivered Cold

There’s nothing worse than warm beer, especially on a Friday afternoon. So your beer is delivered cold and ready to drink, in our very responsible Friday Beers recyclable beer holder. And we guarantee it’ll be on your desk before you knock off.

Different Beers Each Week

There are so many brilliant brewers around Australia and we know them all. Well, almost. And that’s why we change the beers each week, to make sure you have the chance to discover beer and brewers that you never knew existed. It’s a beer journey. At your desk.

So...yeah. We've been getting some press.

We're All About The Beer

Meet The Team

Nick Pinn

Head Honcho

Need a beer? Or a restaurant opened? Or a bottle shop set up successfully? Then Nick’s your man. Family man, delivery man, has-all-the-answers-and-manages-to-keep-it-all-together-man. THE man. If Nick can’t solve your problem, your problems aren’t worth solving. And for those situations he can point you in the direction of an excellent meal and a brilliant accompanying beer.

Lee Mathers

Professional Procrastinator

Constantly quizzed by his mother every few months as to why he never used that law degree that he spent all of the time getting, Lee is desperate to be a modern day hipster, but realises he missed the boat. He does know a nice drop of amber ale when he tastes it though (“I know what I like when I see it”). He’s also not too bad with all of the tech stuff. I mean, the site works, right?

Matt Browning

Chief Taste Tester

How do you get your ship to run like a well-oiled machine? You clone Matt Browning. And you’ll need a clone, because there is no way in hell that you’re getting your hands on the original. He’s ours. And he’s not going anywhere. Mainly because we lost the key to the golden handcuffs he wears, but that’s beside the point. What IS the point? Don’t get too deep on us there Dorothy. This is, after all, just a site about beer.

Keegan Sard

Chief Spruiker

Keegs wanted to fight Matt for the title of Chief Taste-Tester. Ha. Yeah. Plus, we don’t condone that sort of thing. Our beers come in peace. Anyway…you’ll find Keegan on his phone, typing away on all things social. He’s friends with journos, pollies, boardies (that’s FB speak for people who hang out in boardrooms) and anyone and everyone that’s willing to say nice things about us. Probably even with some people who don’t. Pffft. Like THAT would happen. How could you not love us?

Holy crap. People just had a damn near fit in the office when these guys showed up with my beers. Cold, ready to drink, stuff we’d never heard of. They owe me commission now. I think I just signed up 5 new people!
Jason LatimerA guy we know

We're kinda a big deal

Hahaha. No. Not really. We’re really not.

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